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Our Brand

“Just be Easy and Fast” means there’s no time to waste. Simple and reliable is the easy and fast way. That's the idea of our creations and mission behind everything we do.

What is our goal

We live in a fast paced world. We have so much to do and no time to waste. We want to save you time with the things we make. Easy to use and fast to set up, yet highly reliable. We save you time so that you can have more good times. For us, the good times you spend with our creations are our good times.


What we believe a shelter should be

Your instant shelter should be a temporary place or space that you can rest, work, or play. A shelter you can rely on to protect you from the hot sun, harmful UV rays and rain. A shelter so easy to use, so fast to set up, so compact to carry and so reliable to withstand all weather conditions. A shelter that you can take haven, a shelter you feel safe, a shelter you sense the space of yours.

How we got here

For a good shelter the frame system matters. Your shelter should be compact, portable when closed, rigid and completely interlocked when opened. You can trust that it will perform exceptionally well in sunny days and rainy days. A frame system that is engineered for you to rely on. Although this is still a temporary shelter it’s much durable due to it’s reinvented Anti-pool structure. The frame structure will not wobble in the wind, no water pooling on the canopy. Once setup it’s ideal for any event and one can have full confidence of its performance.

This is our reinvented umbrella frame system that got us here. A high quality and reliable, yet super easy and fast to use shelter system. Check our  UMBRELLA GAZEBO.

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