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  • Where can I buy?
    Currently you can buy EzyFast products online at or any our authorized dealer stores. Visit our EzyFast Amazon store for purchase. You can aslo purchase our products at our web shop at this website.
  • What is the warranty that comes with the product?
    We offer Limited Warranty for Manufacturing Defects. The warranty for each product varies depending on the model or type of product. Please visit warranty page to find our general warranty policy. Warranty periods are listed under the Additional Info tab for each product.
  • If I purchase from, can I ask for after sales service from this website?"
    We recommend you to go to Amazon for service request that will be faster to identify your purchase and get faster feedback. In case you wish to get service from this website, please provide the proof of purchase which shall include your order number. This service only applies to the official seller EzyFast at Any products sold by other dealers or sellers on or other platform, please refer to them for service.
  • Does the fabric canopy stay on when folding for storage?
    We suggest to remove the fabric top for separate storage. However, you may keep the canopy fabric on when folding for storage as long as you do it carefully. You just need to make sure you undo all the Velcro straps first that attach the canopy to the frame and you need to make sure no fabric caught into the truss beams during frame closing. Otherwise you may tear the fabric. Another thing to remind you is that you need to make sure the canopy fabric is dry before you put it in storage bag to avoid possible mildew.
  • Can one person set it up the canopy?
    Please read the instruction manual for each unit. For small units such as our compact canopy collection, you can always do the set up by one person and it's not difficulty to figure it out. However for large and heavy units, it’s always safer and easier to do the set up with two persons following owner's manual instruction. However in case there is no other person around to help, one experienced user can still do the set up. But It's a little tricky and may need muscles particularly for heavy units. Our suggest steps for this one person setup: First, expand the frame as much as possible. You may grap the posts to pull from each corners. Second, get yourself under the central hub and push up the hub to get the whole frame off the ground, shake up-and-down slowly to further expand the frame to extreme. It usually needs to pass some point to get frame open to it's limit. Third, walk out and lock the sliders at corners. It will be challengle to do the one person set up for very heavy canopy such as commercial canopy. Please always be aware of your capability and be cautious to avoid personal injury during the set up.
  • What is the difference between “Antipool” canopy (unit with Antipool logo) and regular canopy (without Antipool logo)?
    Antipool canopy means that the canopy have our unique Antipool technology that structurally braces the canopy roof. It resists the water to collect on fabric canopy top, which usually happens to regular canopy and forms a sagged area and pool the water in raining condition. The pooled water carry weight and could result in fabric tearing or frame collapse in the end. Most regular canopies are designed for sun shade only due to the folding structure limitations. They either have only 4 roof ribs or just one central push up pole to support the fabric canopy top that is structurally insufficient. Antipool technology overcome this limitation by introducing exclusive umbrella style roof structure that usually carry 8 ribs to provide complete support to canopy fabric top. Our Antipool collection allows canopy to be used in raining conditions as temporary rain shelter. Our other collections such as compact collection and elegant collection doesn't use Antipool technology, although it built with strength in mind, are not intended to be used in raining weather. It could shelter you shortly in mild rains but cautions shall be taken.
  • What kind of rain scale that Antipool canopy can stand?
    Bear in mind Antipool canopy is still a temporary deplorable structure. It designed to be used in sunny days and raining days. It can withstand heavy rain for a short period of time. It can survive a sudden quick-come-and-quick-go summer down pour in most of cases. But it's not a permanent structure. The real weather conditions could vary from time to time especially in strong wind. Take measures to secure the canopy that will help prolonged use of the canopy. Strong storm and extreme weather can still possibly destroy this temporary structure. Always use common sense in all kind of weather conditions.
  • What are the upgrades from Antipool Recreational Canopy to Commercial Grade Antipool canopy?
    Commercial canopy use heavier stock fabric material 400D or above for improved canopy top durability; Recreational canopy use standard 150D fabric material; Commercial canopy use larger tube materials and heavier frames for extra strength; Commercial canopy have much taller frame for the same size shade coverage, making it more spacious and welcoming for business enviroment or catering situation. In a word, commercial grade canopy are upgraded in fabric, frame, and height to make it more reliable and durable for commercial use or of course for high quality residential use too.
  • Why the others claim their canopy material "water proof" while EzyFast use "water repellent" or “water resitant " for the canopy top material?"
    "Waterproof" is not scientific claim on a woven polyester fabric, it's more a commercial concept and could be misleading. Any woven fabric will not really be 100% "waterproof" for any water pressure applied on it. " Water repellent" or "water resistant" is a more appropriate and decent description for this property. Our canopy fabrics are coated with a water repellent polymer that seals small gaps in the yarn. This repels water from the fabric. The coating prevents water and dirt to collect on the fabric which makes it easier to clean and helps it to dry faster. our fabric is rated at minimum of 800mm hydrostatic pressure, this means our fabrics will withstand at least 800mm of resting water in an isolated spot without leaking through to the other side. However, overtime, as the coating gradually fade and wear out, the water may leak through fabric easier. We suggest replacing the canopy top once it's worn out.
  • Why does water still pool on my Antipool canopy?
    Our uniquely designed Antipool frae structure can significantly reduce the chance of water pooling during rain compared to the similar size regular canopy in the market. The 8 roof ribs brace the canopy fabric top and leave less gap between the ribs to minimize the water pooling. However this is still a temporary shelter with soft woven fabric material top. The fabric may sage and may still pool in some circumstance. By this nature, it's pooling resistant, not absolute pooling proof. To perform good in rain, keep the fabric taut is important. Please make sure you pull down the canopy top over the frame tight and fit, and secured properly. Please make sure you straight up the posts to make roof structure stiff to better support the fabric top. How you assemble and use the canopy matters. Watever, we suggest you do not use canopy for prolonged raining situation. In case you need complete pooling proof and waterproof structure, please consider more permanent hard top gazebos.
  • Do you have phone number?
    We do not publicize our phone number. Our service are internet based covering multiple countries. We may serve you from overseas. Please reach us by email and we will handle your questions and requests in soonest manner. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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