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Enjoy the Sun without Getting Burned

Strong sunrays can burn your skin they can even cause cancer. Being exposed to strong sunrays for too long may increase the risk for a sunstroke that potentially can be life-threatening. So it's important to get in the shade and our canopy offers the perfect solution.

Sunblock Fabric


To block harmful sunrays we use a sun reflective fabric that is specifically designed with the highest level of ultraviolet (UV) protection. The fabric is pre-treated with UV inhibiting ingredients and is rated at UPF50+ which is highest level a fabric can be rated. UPF 50+ means 98% or more of harmful UV sunrays will be blocked. Our sunblock fabric canopy top also is effective in reducing the sun heat radiations and provide a cool shade.

Vented Roof Design

The canopy top is vented to increase air circulation. This also helps reduce the “parachute” effect on the canopy and at the same time makes the canopy cooler.


Portable Frame


Compact and portable when closed. Sets up easy and fast. Provides shade anywhere.

With sunblock fabric, vented roof and portable frame. Feel free to enjoy the sun anywhere with no worries.

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