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Enjoy the Rain without Getting Wet

A good reliable shelter will not let you down when it rains.

Antipool Frame System


To withstand increment weather the frame construction matters. So we got you covered with our patented Antipool frame technology. This technology reinforces the canopy fabric top around the frame and prevents water to pool on the canopy letting the water run down smoothly. No pooling and no sagging.

Hydroflow Fabric

Our canopy fabrics are coated with a water repellent polymer that seals small gaps in the yarn. This repels water from the fabric. The coating prevents water and dirt to collect on the fabric which makes it easier to clean and helps it to dry faster. The fabric is rated at minimum of 800mm plus hydrostatic pressure, this means our fabrics will withstand at least 800mm of resting water in an isolated spot without leaking through to the other side.


Sewing and Stitching Sealing Technics


We use double line stitching with overlapping fabric for tightness and strength. We further strengthen it by applying a seam sealer underside by heat and adhere a thick clear tape to the fabric along the main sewing line to avoid any major leaks along the canopy slope where the water runs down.

With an Antipool frame system, hydroflow fabric and sealed stitching technics, rest assure that you will be protected from the rain.

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