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How to design a beach-themed backyard with gazebo

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Are you a beach bum who loves to relax and spend some time on the beach but doesn't have the luxury of time to do so? Well, even if you can't be at the beach, you can still recreate a beach ambiance at the comfort of your own yard. If you want to have a beach staycation theme, here are some tips to put up a beach style gazebo at home:

Gazebo Style

To achieve your beach staycation theme, the first thing to consider would be the gazebo. There are so many designs for gazebos, and you just have to choose the best one that suits your preference.

EzyFast has designed some gazebos in resort style that suit your beach staycation theme. Some recommended designs for gazebos would be the EzyFast Resort Styp Pop Up Gazebo if you want to have a quick scene for outdoor bbq parties. The Antipool canopies also perfect for beach-themed staycation corners, because of its airy interior and its same easy-to-setup design.

Outdoor Furniture and Accessories to Add

For your beach staycation theme, start with the basics. Start with planning the beach chairs and tables. A beach bench will also be a great alternative to add an extra layer of comfort in your space. If your gazebo has curtains, then an outdoor sofa would also be complement well with it.

There are a lot more to add to complete the package. Add some colourful beach umbrellas to lighten the theme. Install a grill and cook up some delicious burgers. Grab some mobile drinks cooler to go with the bbq. Come up with a total beach theme corner that will impress your guests and make your neighbors envy and awed.

Extras for the Beach Feel

Lastly, we've got the extras that you can add to your beach-themed gazebo. Let's start with some of the decorations inside the gazebo. Add some beach chandeliers or lanterns and lamps to illuminate the interior. To top it off, add in some fairy lights. This will create a romantic vibe during night time. You can also make use of some fairy lights if you want.

On your table, you can have shell shaped fruit holders or even cups. Other decorations would include beach-inspired table ornaments and even candles. If your gazebo is not located near the beach or beside the pool, then it'll be cool to paint a mural that instantly takes you to the ultimate beach ambiance.

These are the things that you can add to create the perfect beach-themed staycation corner at home. Even if you can't go to and relax on the beach, you can still enjoy the same experience at home. All you need would be a nice and comfortable EzyFast Gazebo, some outdoor furniture, accessories, extra decorations, and a few friends over to get the whole beach vibe experience.

Happy beach bumming to all of you, sun lovers!

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